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Letter to the Editor:

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dear Editor,

I don’t normally do this but I saw a call in The Texas Spur for letters to the editor and thought a response would be appropriate.

A couple of weeks ago, as I was pulling into the drive at home, I met this guy, a total stranger, walking down the sidewalk from our house. I inquired about his business at our home.

He said he would like to introduce us to his satellite television service. I told him we used Caprock for our TV and we were completely satisfied. He said his company could beat Caprock’s price for a guaranteed 12 months with a special introductory offer.

I ask him what happens after 12 months. He said they would likely have another deal. I told him we were not interested. He became pushy and sorta ruffled my feathers.

I told him I doubted he could beat Caprock’s price since we bundle TV, telephone and high-speed internet. He had little comment and really wanted to leave. But I wasn’t finished.

I asked him if we were watching Texas Tech and Texas play football on Saturday evening and his satellite failed, how long would it be before a repair person showed up. He said maybe Monday. I told him Caprock would be there in less than an hour.

I asked him how many people his satellite company would employee locally who would serve on boards, committees, as kids’ coaches and simply add to the local human-resource pool. No response.

I asked him how good his satellite company’s local payroll would be that stimulates and serves as a foundation for our community’s financial stability. He said he really needed to get on down the road. I held him up for one more punch.

I asked him how many thousands of dollars his satellite company would provide in scholarships for graduates of our local schools, and how many thousands of dollars his satellite company would provide for local activities such as Little Dribblers, Little League and general improvement to the local community. I wanted to ask him how many pickups his company would buy from our neighbor Robert Hall Chevrolet. He turned and walked away.

Needless to say, he made no sale at this home and though I wish him no ill will, I do hope his efforts in our area were futile.

I had not really thought about what all our local companies, such as Caprock and South Plains Electric, do for us. I really owe that guy a thank you for provoking my thought. So, whoever you were, thanks.

Charlie Morris



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