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Today’s thumbs up

Kay Ellington
Thursday, August 9, 2018

To be succinct, stuff is getting accomplished around here.

I’d like to take a few examples from recent editions about the initiative being shown in the public and private sectors to keep this area vibrant and to make progress.

In today’s issue, you’ll find a copy of the minutes of a budget hearing from the Dickens County Commissioners. They have approved special expenditures including a contingency line item of $125,000 to contribute to the Spur Swimming Pool efforts. A Public Hearing on the Budget is scheduled for August 20, 2018.

For almost a decade the closed Spur pool has been a sad symbol of the town’s former glory days, a reminder of what once was. The hope of this commissioners’ court initiative is that it will enable the city to get a matching grant, along with the funds that have already been raised to bring back one of the most historic and distinctive pool facilities in West Texas.

The pool contingency proposal is just an early step in what may still be a long process, but if approved, it will be a significant first action.

Earlier this week, a sheriff’s sale was held at the Dickens County courthouse annex. A lot of properties in Dickens County and Spur have fallen into disrepair, with back taxes owed on them. This is especially relevant because with the tiny house interest in the area, there are many people looking to buy property here. The county has exercised careful and fair stewardship with property owners and worked with them in a variety of ways. But after three years of being ignored by property owners when trying to collect back taxes, the county has taken action to get responsible property owners back on the tax rolls.

From the private sector, a shout-out goes to KT Show Pigs for the brand new digital billboard in downtown Spur, which highlights each week’s SISD events.

Up the road a bit, the City of Dickens has been without a place to buy fuel for vehicles.

Jimbo Humphreys and his sons have stepped up to change that and by Labor Day hope to offer their self-service gas service.

It doesn’t have to be a new initiative to help keep an area vibrant. Two traditions—one dating back 95 years and another dating more than 30 years—are going strong in the month of August, the St. Mary’s Jamaica and the Motley-Dickens Old Settlers’ Reunion.

We encourage everyone to show their support for these distinctive events with a rich heritage in our region.

The hope of this commissioners’ court initiative is that it will enable the city to get a matching grant


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