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Craig Harrison
Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The first thing I see when I pull into Craig Harrison’s driveway is the Beatles bumper sticker on his pickup. The second thing is yard art. There’s a large, colorful metal roadrunner frozen in mid-step on the lawn to the right of the front walk. Harrison greets me at the front door and I tell him I like the roadrunner, which is when he asks if I’d seen the armed armadillo.

Harrison was hired as deputy clerk of Kent County in 1999. When the county clerk resigned in 2004, Harrison was appointed by the county commission to fill the unexpired term. In November 2004, he won election to the position, campaigning along the rural mail delivery routes, and has served as the Kent County and Texas 39th Judicial District clerk ever since. The work is in his blood; his father and mother had each once held the position of Kent County clerk.


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